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Welcome to the Starrett Micrometers website where we hope you will find some useful information which we  have  put together for you to provide some information to help you select the right Starrett Micrometer for your needs. Depending on the job you are currently planning, you may be looking to use an Inside micrometer, Outside Micrometer or Depth Micrometer, or indeed maybe you are building up your tool set and are considering buying all three, then you may well be looking at these micrometers alongside some of the other superior tools which are available to purchase today from the classic LS Starrett range.

Hopefully this information will allow you to see how the Starrett  micrometers range might compare to other leading brands available in the market and can be used to help you decide on the best deal available taking account of the prices a Starrett micrometer might sell for against competing products to help you decide on the best deal for you.

LS Starrett – A Brief History

The company was founded in 1880 by Laroy Sunderland Starrett, initially to manufacture the combination square, and the LS Starrett company has grown over the last 132 years to become one of the world’s market leaders in the manufacture and distribution of what has now become a huge and diverse range of more than 5,000 precision tools including Gauges, Saw Blades and Measuring Instruments which contains, amongst many other things, the range of Inside, Outside and Depth Micrometers which we will touch on and are covered here.

The Starrett organization still has its headquarters in Athol, MA, but the company has grown and nowadays employs around 1,800 people worldwide. Many of the employees at Starrett have decades of experience in the manufacture and production of precision tools and create some of the finest high quality measuring tools and precision instruments available today.

The Starrett Range of Tools

The range of tools manufactured by LS Starrett worldwide falls into the following categories which you will find are widely available from a great selection many with great 5 star reviews.


Precision Measuring Tools – including Micrometers, Calipers and Dial Gages

Meteorology Equipment – which includes their Vision & Optical ranges

Testing Equipment – ranging from simple load measurement to complex break determination equipment.

Precision Granite – manufactured solutions for Precision Metrology applications

Webber Gage Blocks – used as the main standards for Dimensional Quality Control today

Precision Ground Stock – which comprises a range of Flat Stock & Drill Rods

Custom Gaging Solutions – The Design & Manufacture of custom tools for clients

Band Saw Blades – a complete range of the finest blades available today

Power Tool Accessories – from Hole Saws to Reciprocating Saw Blades

Hand Saws – Hand Hacksaw Frames & Blades and Specialty Hand Saws

A High Quality Range of Tools

Starrett tools include  digital micrometers, calipers & dial gauges and these are amongst the best precision tools you will find anywhere, and they are part of a range of tools which have prices available to meet every requirement. The more expensive the product the more precise the measurement ability and the Micrometers, Calipers and Gauges should be chosen carefully to make sure that they match the type of work for which they are required.

MicrometerThe LS Starrett range of Micrometers includes Inside, Outside and Depth units either standard or electronic but all enabling accurate measurement of the dimensions of  whatever objects are being worked on with a great degree of accuracy and excellent precision. If you take some time to check out the range of Calipers available from Starrett these are similarly what you would expect to find and there are Electronic, Dial and Vernier units available along with a range of pocket calipers. In addition to the range of Slide Calipers mentioned here Starrett also manufacture a range of Outside Spring Calipers along with Dividers and Trammels.

Last, but not least, amongst the range of precision measurement tools we have mentioned are the Starrett Dial Gauges and you will find standard and electronic versions of Height, Depth and Bore Gauges, Hole and Slot Gauges alongside Gauge Amplifiers, Hardness and Surface Testers.

This broad range of tools are essential to enable production of the vast amount of products that are manufactured across the world today that require to be measured, cut, formed or assembled with a high degree of precision and accuracy.

LS Starrett tools are used worldwide in areas such as the Automotive industry, Aerospace, Electronic and Energy sectors and indeed by any business that relies on the output of high quality manufactured durable goods.

We hope you will enjoy looking round our site and that you will find some of the information we have collected here useful in helping you in purchasing your new micrometer.


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